User manual

top user manual general informations what’s ok what isn’t okay how to use it watch the video certifications paperbag for biowaste collection Biodegradable and compostable bag made by post-consumer recycled paper, in compliance with the the separate collection of the organic fraction law and the Italian legislation on “Green purchasing” (GPP – Green Public Procurement). […]

products for agriculture

products foragriculture active mulching sheet active mulching sheet Sumus® has developed other products for agricultural operators a sheet for active mulching of land in recycled paper, certified compostable according to UNI EN 13432. The paper sheet is treated with natural substances that are partially water-repellent and active against mold and fungi. In addition to ensuring […]

Urban decorum line

urbandecorum line dogs dejections pouch for cigarette butts exhibitor scoop fordogs dejections Among other products, Sumus® has created a practical solution for dog owners and for urban hygiene: the scoop for dogs dejections The Sumus® scoop for dogs dejections is made of 100% recycled paper post-consumer at the last stage of life and is designed to […]

Paper bags for paper waste collection

paper bagsfor paper waste collection Sumus® paperbagsfor paperwaste collection Paper collection paperbags produced by Sumus® are the ideal solution for sorting and conferring paper. Their large printable surface makes them perfect for customization with specific messages for each consortium, helping to spread useful information and instructions for proper recycling. In addition, the paperbags for the […]

paperbags for biowaste collection

paper bagsfor biowaste collection domestic use non domestic use used oils Sumus®paperbagsfor domestic use The bags for the separate collection of organic Sumus are resistant to liquids, punctures and breakages and are all fully compostable. The glues and inks used in their production are all water-based and are completely biodegradable. They are all FSC®, “Compostabile CIC”, HPB, Blauer […]