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Sumus® has developed other products for agricultural operators a sheet for active mulching of land in recycled paper, certified compostable according to UNI EN 13432.

The paper sheet is treated with natural substances that are partially water-repellent and active against mold and fungi. In addition to ensuring a lower presence of alien pests in the field, it protects the soil from temperature changes ensuring a safer and more productive cultural cycle. The paper’s evapotranspirative capabilities reduce local rotting in contact areas in products that touch the ground, improving economic yield. Biosheet is compatible with organic farming and can be milled into soil in the soil (without being removed and disposed of), reducing time, effort and input of plastics into the environment.


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Sumus® patented recycled papersheet of 80 g/m2 for active mulching. . Presence of tannins, herbicide effect, barrier against direct light.

the product data sheet