paper bags
for paper waste collection

Sumus® paperbags
for paperwaste collection

Paper collection paperbags produced by Sumus® are the ideal solution for sorting and conferring paper. Their large printable surface makes them perfect for customization with specific messages for each consortium, helping to spread useful information and instructions for proper recycling. In addition, the paperbags for the collection of the paper Sumus® conjunction. Are valued in Range A under the Conai-Comieco agreement.
The use of paperbags for the collection of paper Sumus® improves the quality of the paper collected for recycling, as it reduces the presence of extraneous elements such as plastic fragments from bags and other materials. In addition, they avoid the need for breakers and manual separation, since the paper bag can be conferred directly with its contents without the need to separate it. In addition, the systematic adoption of bags for the collection of paper Sumus® can contribute to the increase in weight and quality of the paper collected, increasing the environmental contribution to the virtuous municipalities. All bags Sumus® are FSC®HPBBlauer Engel certified, ensuring sustainable and environmentally friendly production. Paper Collection paperbags from Sumus® are an ideal solution for sustainable paper management. Their customization and certifications guarantee a positive contribution to the environment, making them the perfect choice for consortia and virtuous municipalities.

paperbags for waste collection
product data sheet

Available volumes range from 35 to 120 liters. The bag is self-forming flat bottom, cross-bottom (60l – 120l) and hold-up (35l – 50l – 70l). Recycled 100% post-consumer Havana kraft paper. Water-based glue, black water-based ink with carbon fiber pigment.

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paperbags with his colleagues

carton box

Sumus®  container, consisting of 2 pieces (stem, lid) square base. Recycled cardboard 100% Italian from separate collection after consumption, certified FSC®. Usable (equipped with 60 lt Sumus bag) for the collection of organic, paper, multi-material, toner, expired drugs…
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automatic distributor of paperbags
and envelopes

Distributor of  Sumus®  bags for the collection of domestic biowaste and/or bags Sumus® for the collection of paper and/ orplastic bags for the collection of plastic and undifferentiated waste. The capacity is variable depending on the type of bag to be distributed.

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